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Graduate of Sheridan's BAA:Animation program. Specialties include painting, color concept, pixel and vector Art. 5+ years of in-house video game studio experience.

More Art

This page is for the display of other works of art that for one reason or another does not fit into the professional or design portions of my portfolio. Examples on this page include Studies, Sketches/WIP pieces, or pieces done based on existing Visual Copyrighted properties. The art displayed here, in some cases is more recent than the pieces displayed in my portfolio due to these reasons.

Tifa Lockheart Portrait Study, Photo reference used.
Rinoa Heartily Portrait Study, Photo reference used.
An illustration done for a possible collaboration. Based on alexiuss' Romantically Apocolyptic

Rough environment concept done in one sitting.
Gift art. Based on my friend and her 2 favorite Pokemon, Nedoking and Heracross

Gift art. Based on Nintendo's Skyward Sword

A WIP character illustation based on Tamora Pierce's Bekka Cooper

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