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Graduate of Sheridan's BAA:Animation program. Specialties include painting, color concept, pixel and vector Art. 5+ years of in-house video game studio experience.

Hidden Object Games

Dark Canvas: Blood and Stone
Navigation Screens, Mini Screens and Puzzle Screens


Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death
Navigation Screens and Mini Screens

Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak
Navigation Screens, Mini Screens and Puzzle Screens

Forgotten Kingdoms: Dream of Ruin
Puzzle Screens, Mini Screens, Gui Screen and Inventory Items

Hidden Object Scenes

Artwork done while working with two Casual Game Studios, 'Howling Moon Games' and 'Vast Studios'. Work completed ranges from game assets, animation assets, gameplay elements, puzzles, Hidden Object Events, backgrounds and associated Mini Screens (more gameplay intensive than general backgrounds), and some UI. Created in Photoshop using Painting, Photo-collaging and Matte Painting techniques; for release on PC/ Mac, and Ipad.

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