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Graduate of Sheridan's BAA:Animation program. Specialties include painting, color concept, pixel and vector Art. 5+ years of in-house video game studio experience.

Casual Games

Jelly Dreams
Match 3 Concepts and Assets - Various development stages

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
Isometric World Builder - App icon, asset clean up, repainting and concepting

Miscellaneous Games
Various Casual Games that I worked on in a limited capacity, or that were smaller in scope

Logo Design
Logo concepts done for BBB while they were re-branding

Artwork done while working with 'Big Blue Bubble', 'Social Game Universe', and 'Howling Moon Games'. Assets and concepts include: Marketing/promotional materials, in game assets, tiles, world map, logos, ui/menu design, character design/rendering, as well as taking original concepts and repainting them for a more polished asset for use in game. Created in Photoshop, for games on Facebook, and Mobile.

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